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    Ahoy Sailor,

    QUESTION: What is a Great Experience without the Perfect Cabin?

    Hope you have been enjoying these previous emails. Each one I write is getting me more and more excited about Mayan Sol & the Beach at Bimini. Relaxing on my Terrace Hammock...

    I know you are Excited. I am too! Be assured you Will be the FIRST to know everything. Getting these Insider Info Emails you have the first chance to get all the Savings and Priority Booking of your Spot on the Behind the Mask Beauty Industry Cruise 2023.

    Cabins (Inside) starting $770USD per person based on double occupancy.
    Sea View (Inside) from $885usd per person double occupancy
    Sea Terrace (Balcony) from $1001usd per person double occupancy
    Rock Star Suites from $1520.75usd per person double occupancy
    Mega Rock Star from $2752.75usd per person double occupancy
    Solo Insider (Inside) from $1251.25usd per person single occupancy
    Solo Insider Sea View (Window) from 1405.25usd per person single occ.
    20% Discount applied + Taxes & Fees.
    Save an extra 10% if paid in full at time of booking

    All cabins come with over $600.00 Free Onboard Goodies

    * Adult by Design 18+
    No kids, No Kidding. Just Bring You Inner Child
    * Wifi Included
    Browse, Post and Stay Connected Wherever You Are on the Ship
    * All Food Included
    From Refined Dining to Relaxed Casual (20+ Eateries)
    * Tips Included
    They've taken care (of taking care) of your servers, so we cover the gratuities for your onboard experiences.
    * Group Workouts Included
    (Yoga, meditation, cycling, HIIT classes, and more)
    * Basic Bevvies Included
    (Still & Sparkling Water, Non- Pressed Juices, Sodas, Teas and even Drip Coffee)

    Book Now!!

    Did You Know... you don't have to wear a face mask while on the ship.

    Now Lets talk about accommodations & Perks.
    Why don't you come up and see me sometime.~ May West


    Solo Insider

    Our cozy solo escape is adorned with reactive mood lighting for introverts who need to recharge. Sea View Insider (With Window)

    The Insider

    Perfect for a duo and equipped with our transitional Seabed, this is a retreat for relaxation

    Sea View
    Solo Sea View

    Window for one plz? Get introspective as you gaze out at the waves from your own personal hideaway

    The Sea View

    Perched on the nautically inspired window seat, a duo can take in the views (without all the mist)

    Sea Terrace

    Ltd View Sea Terrace

    All that sweet terrace jazz, but with a (slightly) limited view from a part of the ship.

    The Sea Terrace

    Located in the front and back zones, get epic ocean views from any angle — from inside your cabin to the terrace hammock, that most, but not all, offer

    Central Sea Terrace

    Views for those who love to be centered. Locationally.
    (Nama)stay here at the center of the ship

    XL Sea Terrace

    Boasting the same sweet views with a bigger living space and bathroom — there’s more room to do you

    RockStar Quarters

      Exclusive access and VIP treatment fit for a star.

    Mega Rockstar Quarters

    Suites so wildly indulgent, they come with their own RockStar Agent. Tell us what you want... what you really, really want (literally).
    Richard's Rooftop access. Early booking/Priority access. Premium wifi. Bottomless in-room bar. Daily bar tab. Daily spa access.Private transfer to/from ship. Dedicated RockStar Agent.

    Massive Suite

    This is our most incredible suite on board. Before the tour, you should
    start thinking about how to stock your bottomless bar for stargazing in
    the hot tub —because there's no dream that this suite, and your RockStar
    Agents, can't make a reality.

    The most extra of the Mega RockStar Suites, this one truly lives up to
    the name. Watch the waves from your terrace hot tub; host your new (or
    old) friends in the private lounge bar or make history starting your own
    band (yes, electric guitars included). Lose yourself in the music, and
    find yourself again the next morning meditating alongside the waves on
    your sprawling personal terrace.

    Fab Suite

    Sun-drenched terrace yoga with new friends or (extra) dirty martinis at
    the full bar inside? For those who love to host while never losing sight
    of the sea.

    The suite for the host(ess) with the most(est), and we mean that quite
    literally. Whether you're into wellness retreats under the terrace sun,
    or serving up negronis at the bar while listening to tunes from your own
    vinyl library, this suite has it all. And when your friends are gone,
    you'll be stuck with the age-old problem of whether to relax in the
    fully-marbled Peek-a-Boo shower or rinse off on your terrace under the

    Posh Suite

    From ceiling to floor marble bathrooms to the champagne table on the terrace overlooking the waves — it's chic enough for a superstar
    girlband to shack up here.

    An outdoor champagne (chilled, of course) table is the perfect spot to
    admire the view from your suite. With an expertly designed layout
    enhanced by our high-tech mood lighting, a tricked out terrace, and
    floor-to-ceiling marble bathroom, this one's perfect for the posh
    traveler. Feeling romantic? A stargazing lounger and our Peek-a-View
    outdoor shower are perfect for a couple (or two) looking to reconnect.

    Brilliant Suite

    Cue the music video montage because your inner rocker will come alive

    dancing from the bar to the fully marbled bathroom. Or electric slide to
    the terrace champagne table. Or... well, we'll leave the choreography
    up to you.

    From the full-size, fully stocked bar inside to swinging with reckless
    abandon (but not actually) on the terrace hammock, this suite begs for
    your inner rocker to come alive. With a cheeky view of the European king bed from the (fully) marbled Peek-a-Boo shower, the only sensual rival is the ocean itself.

    Inspired by the capital city's red hot street food scene, sailors are treated to an immersive odyssey of Mexican cuisine. Personal, intimate, and educational, a master of ceremonies will guide you through a highly curated dining and drinking experience. Mezcal dinner pairings equipped with a history lesson? Yes pls.

    Cheeky Corner Suites for 2
    Pretty Big Terrace

    A lavish suite located (cheekily) at the corner aft of the ship.
    Perfect for anyone looking for wrapping panoramic views of the wake from
    the back corners of our ship. All of our furniture is designed to
    enhance the views — from our custom interior wicker chairs to the red
    terrace hammocks hand-woven by artisan mothers in Thailand.

    Even Bigger Terrace

    Watch the waves break from an even bigger outdoor space. After rinsing
    off in the Roomiest Rainshower, take in views while lounging on the
    European king bed. Every angle has been thoughtfully considered to
    maximize the only thing that'll possibly upstage you – the sea.

    Biggest Terrace

    The highest, and biggest, terrace of all our corner suites — from here,
    the views are unparalleled. With the same glamorously designed interior,
    there’s more space outside to flirt with the sea. Terrace hammock or
    outdoor champagne table? Sailor’s choice.

    Seriously Suite

    From the massive European king bed overlooking the sea to the custom

    hand-made terrace hammock, luxury and self care here are a serious art.

    Full stocked, full-size bar. ✔. Peek-a-Boo shower. ✔. Record player
    ready to spin your favorite tunes. ✔. If you're serious about luxury
    and/or self care, this suite has your name on it. Well not technically,
    but hey, we're down to try to make anything happen. ✔✔

    Pretty Big Terrace Aft

    Take in the uninterrupted sea views at the terrace champagne table from the biggest and highest terrace of all our Sweet Aft Suites. Don’t
    forget about that sea view shower window though.

    Even Bigger Terrace Aft

    A selective beer drinker's go-to, the Draught Haus features eight seasonal on tap varieties plus a wide range of artisanal bottles. This part British pub, part modern craft brewery inspired taproom, provides plenty of chill eclectic places to sit back and sip, or just grab a growler for those ‘bring your brew with you’, kind of days. Chill, casual but discerning beer connoisseur approved.

    Biggest Terrace Aft

    Central wake views for a duo, but with a bigger and higher terrace.
    Gazing out at the water from our red hammock swing — there’s no such
    thing as a bad view in this suite.

    Working the Details

    By having this time to decide exactly what you want ahead of time it saves time. Next Steps... Now over the last few emails you have had time to see why 2023. Get to know the admins. By the way if you missed the show "What The?!... with Brad & Janie CLICK HERE. Make sure to hashtag "Replay" in the comment section. Be sure to be fully interactive with your comments.
    You also learned the over $600.00 worth of Onboard Freebees you receive. Let's not forget the 20+ Free Dining Options. All meals are on them!
    As I write this I am still holding back my excitement because I know what's in store from working in the background & behind the scenes.
    Please share the word. Share Social media Posts. Update your Faceook banner. All the materials have been already created for you. All you have to do is share and copy and paste the pre-written text. Although it's still PreLaunch we will be Launching Soon!!

    Sea all the cabins Click Here


    Coming soon I will cover why Virgin Voyages has created a venue like you have never seen before. You may even what to put on your own show by having Private Karaoke Room.


    Top Level Education from around the Globe. So many have expressed interest in knowing what the classes are and many who wish to educate. As Janie and I round out the list of educators who wish to be part of the Next Level in Education there will be more info in the upcoming email.

    Which Cabin will you choose?

    Wait to you see what coming next. You will never Expect it!

    Welcome Aboard Sailor,