What To Do

    Ahoy Sailor,

    QUESTION: What can I do while I am waiting...?

    2023 seems so far away. I know but from a cruise perspective it really isn't. Lets talk about some great things to do while waiting. Go Tribe!!

    Here are my top tips of what to do while you are waiting for the Event

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    Read & Comment on all the posts in the group

    It is said that what you put in is what you get out. Make this the best experience by putting in & Contributing as much as you can. The feeling a benefit received is far great than one who chooses to sit on the sidelines. What your growth as it happens and not that everyone else.

    Watch Brad & Janie on What the?!..

    This is a fully interactive show brought to you by your admins Brad & Janie. The show gives you insightful information as well as a lot of Fun.
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    More Fun Stuff

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    Coming up we will be launching on Clubhouse. We would love to see you there. Hear your thought and interact with you in real time.
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    Do The Video Challenge

    Your Adventure Starts NOW!!!. Time to get things started by taking the Introduce Yourself Challenge. Do a Live Pop Up VIDEO. Introduce yourself. Say why your EXCITED to be on this cruise. Share some knowledge. Show your skills or just say "Hi". It's up to You!!There may even be a prize. We'll never tell.

    Join a Pop Up Room Video Chat

    Let's all connect. Re=Connect. Chat. Interact. Catch Up.
    All of the Above.

    Read the Latest Issue of the Independent Beauty Professional Magazine

    Have you read Every Issue. This Beauty Professional Industry Online Mag is taking the Globe by storm. Is That Sherrie Jessie on the cover? Wow!!
    Read the latest issue with our Beauty Industry Cruises spread Read Here

    Listen to the Hairstylist Empowerment Podcast

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    Get Prepared

    Are you a first time cruiser? A first time cruiser on Virgin Voyages?
    Know the ins and outs of cruising with Virgin Voyages. We have all the info.

    Celebrate You

    You Are a Rock Star and you know it but does everyone else? Celebrate the uniqueness in you. The quirkiness. The Fun. What are the qualities you would add to this list?

    Make a To Do List

    From what you need to do right now ie: All the things on this list ✔.
    Who is going with you?. ✔.
    What Cabin would you like to stay in? ✔
    What do I need to do now to have everything covered?. ✔✔

    The X-citement Files

    The Files section in the group are a quick way to see an Overview of Virgin Voyages. Fact Sheet like did you know you receive over $600.00 worth of freebees. Entertainment. Vitamin Sea the Health and Spa section. Eateries of 20+ Specialty Restaurants that are completely Free and no extra cost to you. All the food is on them.

    Even Bigger Exciting things Coming.

    Shhh...it's a secret.

    We Appreciate You

    Janie and I are so BLESSED that a group of exceptional, creative, kind hearted, people loving people who have stepped up to join us in this venture. It's not just a cruise it's a Journey. It's not just a group it's a place to grow and network. It's not just another class it's and Experience. It's not just an event it's where people bond, reconnect and re-evaluate. It's where change happens. It's not just a cabin it's a place to rest your head and say I am proud of myself and my accomplishments that have brought you thus far.

    Cabin oh Cabin where art thou Cabin?

    Sea all the cabins Click Here


    Coming soon I will cover why Virgin Voyages has created a venue like you have never seen before. You may even what to put on your own show by having a Private Karaoke Room.


    Top Level Education from around the Globe. So many have expressed interest in knowing what the classes are and many who wish to educate. As Janie and I round out the list of educators who wish to be part of the Next Level in Education there will be more info in the upcoming email.

    Final Tip: Take off the Mask

    If you have read this far Wow! Your face mask is ready. Make sure the cat doesn't jump in your suitcase!

    Welcome Aboard Sailor,