Ready to Book

Here are 3 easy step by step steps to getting your event ticket & book your cabin for the Mayan Sol Beauty Industry Cruise May 7-12, 2023

1. Register/Experience Pass

In order to attend the event you FIRST must  purchase your ticket(s)
Registration/Experience Pass - You need this if you will be taking the education.
Registration/guest - You will need this if you are coming with someone who is taking the education but you are not.  Or are coming on your own as part of the group but not taking the education.
Must be purchased before booking cabin.
This can be booked on the website
or a direct link below

2. Fill Out Required Forms

Once you have completed paymenton website for your ticket you will have a preference survey to fill out. Please fill out.
You will also receive an email from tlee at Expedia Cruises CC Authorization Form.
Please complete.
Once received Brad will contact you by FB Messenger or email to set up a call to complete cabin booking.

3. Book Cabin with Brad

Brad is the official and the only way to book your cabin to be part of the event.
 Make sure you have completed 

Steps 1 & 2.
Let Brad know if someone has referred you.A call will be set up either over messenger or phone to complete booking.
Brad can also help you book your event ticket and registration.

Registration & Event Pass ( Education Ticket)


Non Refundable.
1 per person  
Single Pay, USD  
Register Now & Receive Early Event Pricing.
Registration & Experience Pass(education) pricing does not include cabin  & vice versa 

  • Registration Perks
  • Member Event Classes
  •  Must be in Beauty Ind
  • Secret Member Group
  • Priority Cabin Booking
  • All bookings through Brad at Expedia Cruises

Registration/Guest Pass (No Education)


Non Refundable.
1 per person  
One Time Payment, USD  
Register Now & Receive Early  Event Pricing
Registration & Deposit does not include cabin price and vice versa

  • Secures Your Circle Spot
  • Attend Non Member Events
  •  Seven Seas Membership
  • Allows Cabin Booking Access
  • All accomodation booked throught Brad at Expedia Cruises