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The Wilson Method

The Wilson Method Demonstration- Phillip & Mary Wilson demonstrate the Wilson Method of Haircutting on LIVE Models.

The Wilson Method 
uses tools such as twin combs, and twin brushes to manage and direct a large amount of hair at one time, to create texture, movement, with low tension and to place the guideline in one single line. You will learn how to use the Wilson Method to improve speed, efficiency and client satisfaction!

On stage you will see the versatility of this haircutting method with long hair designs include the Wolf, Butterfly, SHAG and Hidden Layers. And, Medium and short lengths include the Bob, Bixie, Pixie and Firefly!


1- It creates excitement for the clients as you are doing something very different.
2- Improve cutting time, so you can cut hair 50-75% faster and have more time for personalizing, finishing and sharing styling tips and product recommendations.
3- Builds client loyalty: clients who love the results would not even consider going to another stylist knowing that you are doing something unique.
4- The Wilson Method works with the natural movement of hair-not everyone styles their hair everyday with tension, so why do most stylist learn to cut with tension?

Phillip Wilson, had the great honor to train with the Grand Masters of Europe who cut hair after setting hair on rollers, AND WITH Vidal Sassoon, who pioneered precision hair cutting, in the UK where Phillip was born and raised. He wanted to balance his cuts and be different than everyone else, so he combined these two schools of learning together to create the Wilson Method.  

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Classic Bohemian Rock the Razor
with Taylor Jameson

CLASSIC BOHEMIAN is Classical Sassoon shapes that are implemented with the razor.During the class, students will learn three systematic haircuts using,

1)The difference between cutting a straight line, with the scissor vs. the razor
2)The difference between cutting and and texturizing with the razor.
3)How to cut any type of hair with the razor: curly,wavy,straight,long,short,thick or thin.      
4)  How to cut without over texturizing.
5)  The difference between a guard-less razor, a razor with a guard, and which offers better results

Taylor Jameson Originally from Scotland, Taylor Jameson opened her first Hair Salon, Ziggy’s in Glasgow, with support from The Prince’s Trust- Prince Charles Organization to help support small business owners, being namedYoung Entrepreneur of the year shortly after the business opened.

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Moola Method with Donna Roggio

 The Moola Method will reframe your entire idea of a client consultation and will have you approaching your clients in a new and profitable way. Never be concerned about a price increase again, and bump your sales by an average of 30% with very little effort.  

The Moola Method is a new concept that can be deployed systematically to:      - -Boost cashflow
-Improve client experience
-And STILL allow for stylist creativity  

Join me on the Beauty Cruise and learn how the Moola Method technique can increase your revenue!  


Donna Roggio is known for her Fierce Financials course that teaches women financial independence and how to feel confident about their money and their future. With over 35 years of experience in the beauty industry, she's an expert at supporting others to become organized and financially literate.

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Restorative Yoga with Mary Wilson

Restorative Yoga,
breath workshop & Chakra clearing meditation.
1 hour and 15 mins

Mary Wilson Beauty Leader, yogi, cyclist, who loves the beach. Passionate about the Wilson Collective and Destination Rejuvination

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Protecting Personal Energy
with Vanessa Rose


I am so excited to share this class. As beauty professionals, working with guests can be incredibly rewarding or draining…
This class provides a structure and foundation to developing energy awareness of yourself and others . This includes guidance on creating rituals throughout your day in the salon and at home.
We will explore the magic of intention setting ,creating strong connections ,and healthy boundaries with your team and your guests. You will learn techniques to maintain a healthy energy field along with guidance on how to protect yourself from others “frequency”.
In order to avoid burn out we must pour into ourselves and practice creating JOY behind our chairs.


 Vanessa Rose is a highly skilled Intuitive Craft Haircutter, Reiki healer, and Master Colorist.She believes in effortless hair and embracingyour natural hair texture. Her handcraftedhaircuts grow out gracefully and requireminimal styling.Vanessa uses a variety of haircuttingdisciplines, including razor and dry cutting andis a curly texture specialist. She has beenrecognized as Northern Virginia's Magazines Best Colorist and has a passion for dimensionalcolor and all things Magical

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All Star Panel with Derrick Rutherford & Julio Rodriguez

All Star Panel with Derrick Rutherford & Julio Rodriguez Matrix Canada

Derrick Rutherford is an Ambassador for Matrix Canada  known for his quick wit, haircutting and design. He is a long time ambassador for Matrix with over 27 years sharing his craft internationally as an original Design Team member. Derrick loves his craft as a hairdresser and entrepreneur. Derrick wants every stylist and salon owner to reach their full potential. Derrick is a 2013 Mirror Award winner, Bangstyle Supreme, and Contessa finalist for Canadian hairdresser and Salon Team. Past accolades: Sundance Film Festival for Entertainment Magazine; Oprah Winfrey show; New York fashion week.

Julio Rodriguez is a Colour Ambassador & Master Colourist for Matrix Canada, known for his love and expertise in blondes and corrective hair colour. Julio is a 2013 Mirror Award winner-Salon Team, three time Contessa finalist in Master Colourist, Salon Team, and Avant Garde. He is also a three time Bangstyle Supreme. He has traveled across North America, Europe, and Eastern Europe sharing his passion and representing the brand for over 27 years.

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Growing Your Brand with the Emotional Intelligence Qube with Bonnie Bonadeo

How do we marry the high-tech and high-touch approach needed to grow our business to a new level? Building a brand and having strong leadership is what The Qube Method™ is all about. 

The Qube Method™ is a 6-sided approach to simplifying leadership, communications, marketing, emotional connections, and being in action. Join me for this insightful class of high tech and high touch.  · Improve leadership and coaching skills  · Stop getting stuck on marketing and posting demands  · Enhance your emotional connection with your team and clients  · Gain the confidence to scale your business to the next level

More About Bonnie:
has helped 1000’s of salon professionals as a Speaker, Brand & Marketing Coach, and Consultant for more than 30 years. Founder of Bonnie Bonadeo Coaching and Training, SOS Salon Coaching & Podcast, and Brand Me Marketing Agency, she guides others in developing a digital connection that builds a solid brand and showcases your business as values-driven and unique. As a licensed Cosmetologist, Story Brand Trained Guide, Emotional Intelligent Business, Life Coach, and 4x Best Selling Author. Bonnie believes in investing time to uncover your personal and professional gifts as a leader in business and living a life you love.

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The Plane Blending Method of Haircutting with David Kinigson

Enhanced Suitability: The Relative Illusion of Beauty

 With the many technical and intuitive elements to master, the craft of haircutting can sometimes seem overwhelming, even downright scary. David Kinigson’s unique approach to learning gives participants the opportunity to upgrade their haircutting skills and gain confidence by incorporating technique with mindset practice. Excellent haircutting goes beyond a foundation of blunt, graduation and layers; it goes beyond precision, checking and texturizing. An excellent haircut must suit the client. Suitability requires coordinating growth patterns with the planes of the head, facial features and lifestyle. Enhanced suitability is the freedom to make new and objective haircutting choices. In this class you will gain practical insight into the illusion of beauty, learn dry cutting techniques and a structure to overcome fear.

1- Plane Blending easily incorporates into your current approach to haircutting.
2- Transform classic haircuts into individually created Couture Haircuts.
3- Expand your consultation skills and design haircuts that exceed a client’s expectations. 4- Haircuts that require less styling in order to look good when she does the styling herself.
5- Overcome fears associated with haircutting.


David Kinigson is a recipient of The Master of The Craft and the prestigious Créateur de Mode. A departmentalized haircutter and independent educator, David wanted his haircuts to grow out better, last longer and require minimal styling in order for the client to look and feel good. A native New Yorker, David pioneered dry haircutting when, in the mid 70s while working at the Vidal Sassoon Salon NYC, he was the first to introduce the benefits of dry haircutting beyond “cleaning up the line.” Combining wet precision with dry movement cutting he developed his acclaimed Plane Blending Method of Haircutting. A founding member of the Intercoiffure National Artistic Team and Cutting Council David has presented his original concepts and philosophies on the Intercoiffure mainstage. As a top editorial stylist, David’s hairstyles have appeared on the covers and pages of just about every fashion magazine, including: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Elle, Self, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, GQ and Esquire. David K is also the author of two books, The Haircutter’s Handbook and The Power of Asking WHAT? David is honored to announce that he will be a Keynote Speaker at Serious Business 2023.

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Air Brush Makeup Master Class with Lise Cleroux 

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP MASTER CLASS ~ Hollywood Trained!! With Lise Cleroux
11 Benefits of Air Brush Make Up

1. Introduction, why airbrush makeup
2. Airbrush system, different airbrushes 3. How to prepare the skin before airbrushing
4. Principal, techniques and benefits
5. The 4 secrets for airbrushing like a pro 6. Transparent to opaque. Multi-shades.
7. Matte to sheen coverage:
Learn how to do Highlights, foundation, contouring, blush, eyeshadow, eyebrows and hair regrowth.
8. Ultra light beauty & corrective coverage. Virtually eliminate touch-ups, great for bridal
9. Airbrush your own makeup. Easier, faster and fabulous. -100% high-definition TV compatible solutions.
10. Makeup Stencils for eyebrows & eye shadow.  
11. Maintenance of your airbrush

Lise Cleroux certified educator in Airbrush makeup 23 years experience in airbrush makeup. Hollywood Trained!!
When you register for the master class you can order your own Air Cosmetik kit: the rechargeable airbrush, 4 colours of your choice, the airbrush cleaner, the stencil for the eyebrows

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The Leadership Journey with Gretchen & Fritz Maurer 

7 week Transformational Coaching Program   Supports participants in revealing a powerful vision and designing a pattern of intentional living that results in an enduring legacy.   The program is designed to support you in creating the future you desire by providing structure, community, and accountability.  

On the Cruise  You will be supported in creating a powerful “Vision” and exploring “Conversations for Action”  Vision is a big picture of the future you want to have in one or more life areas: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Vocation, or Spirituality. It needs to include defining the character and “ways of being” needed to have your vision become a reality and not just be a fantasy!   Conversations for Action generates clarity for purposeful action. We will explore how to overcome default ways of being and thinking that hinder you from having an exciting and fulfilling life. Then we will help you define actionable steps to have your Vision become a reality.  

Benefits of Engaging in the 7 week The Leadership Journey  You will engage in a small community for support and encouragement  You will learn the essentials of personal transformation You will design a clear and powerful Vision that will pull you into your future  You will get clear the hindrances to transformation are in your life You will clearly define the actions and mindset needed to experience success You will earn what it takes to finish strong seeing your vision through to the end  

More About Fritz and Gretchen Maurer  Fritz Maurer: As a Counselor - Fritz helps people overcome the effects of mental health challenges and the trauma(s) of the past so that they can experience a fuller and richer life.  As a Transformational Coach - Fritz supports individuals and organizations in designing a future worth living through transformational coaching, programs, and workshops.  
Gretchen Maurer: As a Clarity Coach - Gretchen works with individuals and small groups as well joining with Fritz at workshops, in group coaching, and in program development.

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